Benaiah: The Epic Warrior of David & Solomon That Nobody Knows

This isn't a hidden scripture by any means. It's in everyones Bible, but I've never heard anyone talk about the epic warrior-priest-assassin of David & Solomon until my friend named his kid Benaiah the other day. This epic fella killed an Egyptian giant, (Oh so thats how the pyramids were made!) also two legendary Moabite warraiors aand even jumped into a pit to slay a lion on a snowy day. (It used to snow in that part of the world...!)


I found a great blog post from Overview Bible that gives you a great summary of what happens in his life. Check it out here.


You can find this story in 2 Samuel 23, 1 Chronicles 11 and in 1 Kings 1 & 2.

Praise YHWH!

Image credit : Jon Deviny