Daniel Was Thrown In the Lions Den Twice?!

One of my favorite pieces of rediscovered history are the additions to Daniel that were removed from some Protestant canons.

In Daniel Chapter 14 (aka Bel & the Dragon) verses 30-24, Daniel is thrown into the Den for a second time  under the reign of King Cyrus. The first time was during the reign of the previous king of Persion King Darius. During his second time in the Den he was left there for 7 days and at one point king Habakkuk was eating a meal when an angel of the Lord picked him up by the hair and swiftly brought him to Daniel to give him the food he was about to eat.

This is really cool because it gives us a clearer understanding of how Elijah and Enoch were "taken up." As we know, nobody can can go to Heaven without first being resurrected into a a spiritual body, as Jesus displayed. And all souls are destined for Sheol as David said in Psalms. Even when you look up the Hebrew of the words" taken up" in those verses you find the word transported. All three of these characters were literal taken up by Angels and transported where God needed them. I imagine this is the same thing with "Jesus being taken to a high place" when Satan tried to temp him. This is a very cool thing to look out for in the Bible, but we often don't grasp it because it's not as clear as it is in the story. so I can see that being a reason they removed this from our canon. Just a hunch...

What's great is that both times YHWH is proclaimed the one true God and both Kings declare this to their entire Kingdom which is practically the entire earth.

The removed Chapters of the book of Daniel:

Chapter 3: 24-90

The Prayer of Azariah

Chapter 13


Chapter 14

Bel & the Dragon

This video goes through the scriptures of the words "taken up" in context of Enoch's situation and shed a lot of light on that topic.