Red Flag Apocryphal Books: Probably Not Scripture

I will continue updating this blog post the more I investigate these new/old books of the Bible, but there are some that you come across that don't always fit.

Here are a few examples of book to watch out for when you're reading. Of course you can read these and learn something, but to say they are scripture may not always be true. Even if a book is false, it can still be helpful. Maybe by having an understanding of it, you can clear that up for someone else who may not be familiar with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God or some other crucial part of the modern Bible we have today. So you can always read these, but you definitely need to pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit and keep your heart fixed on Yahweh during your investigation. Always be ready to be wrong later. It's not bad to be wrong. It is bad to not accept it and keep learning.

Always Keep digging and remember in the Kingdom God all the truth will be written on everyone's hearts. So be patient with me and with everyone who is digging along-side you.

Books To Read With Caution

The Gospel of Thomas

I don't trust this book at all. It makes some claims from Jesus are polar opposite of what Jesus taught in the modern cannon. Just start reading it and it happens a lot - right off the bat. Somethings are small like how it claims we will be naked in the Kingdom and in fact Jesus makes a strong point that we will be clothed in righteousness. Also no where in the Bible is being naked ever associated with something good. It's always with shame. That may seem small, but there's more and ultimately it seems to be something created by the Pharisees after Jesus left in order to create confusion in the church.

It's a Gnostic book and when you look at the history of gnosticism and what that is - it just does not help the case of this book.

There's a pretty large group of people who hold to this and gnosticism is becoming more preached even in the church, so maybe understanding this will help you defend the truth.

Gnosticism Background Info

Here is a great video with historical information and Biblical evaluations of the book.

The First Book of Adam & Eve

This book is very interesting and may have some clues to aspects of what the garden was like, but it's definitely got some red flags. Actually there's a lot. Here's a great video that explains it better than me.

To be clear this is not the same book as "Life of Adam & Eve" also called the "Apocalypse of Moses" which is a great book to read.

The Book of Creation

Preface: either I totally missed something or this is straight up heresy. This book claims that beings called Sephiroths (Final Fantasy 7 much?) were responsible for creating "Yah" who is Yahweh. So we got some weird stuff right there. So if that's true then I'm missing a WHOLE bunch of information.

This screams false to me.

It continues to explain how God created the universe using certain specific sounds. I doesn't sound like God to get into those kind of details and I'm all about the details He's given, but what does that have to do with His love for humanity and his plan to restore us. In fact this entire book has nothing to do with that and so I throw the red flag.

The funniest part is that it explains how he created the "planets" and they even all have the same satanic names NASA has given them today. There is no mention of planets in any other writing, but many books like Enoch and Jubilees are very clear that God made the Heavens and the Earth with just the sun, moon and stars. Maybe it's a translation thing, because those "planets" are definitely there, but they are consistent frequencies up in the "waters above" the firmament. So yet another red flag.

It sounds very much like the Kabalah writings and I don't know if you've been keeping up with the world, but that is a very dangerous and powerful religion that has much of the world in it's control.

You can read this book in The Complete 54 Book Apocrypha, along side with a bunch of books that are great! I wonder if they put that in there to show us what certain evil people believe these days.


This books has a lot of great stuff in it. Many people consider it scripture and have good reason too. It's even mentioned in Jude and people in those times clearly had an understanding of it. I've heard that there are a few things that don't add up, but that it's not worth throwing the whole book away either. I haven't read this YET, so I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I'll update the blog after I read it.

In the meantime here is an audiobook if thats your style.

That's where my head is at with these books. I could always be wrong, so I'll keep digging, but hopefully that get's you started or connects a piece of the puzzle for you.

Think of this journey as a 10,000 piece puzzle without the box top. So when one piece looks like it fits, another may comes along and make you realize the first one didn't, but if you keep connecting the dots you'll learn a lot along the way. We want to know what our Creator and this is just another way we didn't realize how.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of kings to investigate a matter. - Proverbs 25:2