Scriptures About Creation

When I started reading these books the first thing I wanted to learn was everything I could about was the story of Creation.

When I realized that there were multiple hidden scriptures that speak about how the heavens and the earth were created I got really excited. That said - I want to always be cautions and find the truth. I don't want to get excited and end up following a lie. these are books that were in the Bible at various points in time and that clearly match up with everything we know in the modern cannon account of Genesis, Ezekiel, Revelation etc....

Here are the scripture you may not have heard of that talk about the account of Creation and where in those books.


• Genesis: Ch 1-3

• Jubilees: Ch 1-3

• The Apocalypse of Moses (also called Life of Adam & Eve) : All

• Apocalypse of Abraham: Ch 23-24


• The Book of Adam & Eve: All

I'm adding to this as I learn, so I may need to update this soon! I'm quite certain 2 Baruch talks about this too, but I'm not sure yet...

The following video is dissecting Chapter 23 & 24 of Apocalypse of Abraham and his account of Adam & Eve.

Apparently they were very giant and this shows us some more context for that possibility.