The Pharisees Removed Scripture To Hide Yeshua

Sean Griffin over at Kingdom in Context has done a commendable amount of research into the Pharisees and how after Jesus ascended they figured it was their chance to start changing things in scripture. Of course they would - right?

I mean, put simply...their enemy just left after dominating every argument they had with him and they be pissed, so they tried to hide specific traces of his power and authority in scripture. The Septuagint translation holds much of what was removed, as it is the closest translation to the original Hebrew, but it didn't stop there. The Pharisees would over time pass on their motives to other groups of people and here we are today with sixty-six books. A number that Yahweh never uses and Luciferians love to use. (I think this number is a huge red flag also.)

So take a look a this fantastic dig through history and translations to prove that those turkys really did think they could get away with it.